CATS Spring into Action in March

March was a busy month for Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards, as we pursued projects across the community. On March 11, our volunteers gathered on the grounds of the Virginia Department of Forestry at the Fontaine Research Park to perform pruning and other maintenance on trees in the CATS Arboretum. That same day, CATS also potted young trees and added them to our nursery, also on the VDOF grounds. We look forward to offering these trees for sale to the public when conditions allow.

A clear, crisp March 20 found CATS in The Grove, a section of McIntire Park where we have planted new trees and worked to clean up existing stands. In addition to pruning and weeding, this ongoing effort includes liberating trees overtaken by vines and removing unwanted invaders, such as Callery Pear trees. On March 25, we brought our their loppers and handsaws to Berkmar Drive, where we pruned a variety of young trees along the roadway. The following day, CATS took another swing at the English ivy and other invasive vines that have overwhelmed trees in Northeast Park, a greenspace north of the U.S. 250 Bypass between Park Street and Locust Avenue. This is an uphill battle that requires much more work, but we are making progress.

At the CATS Arboretum and Nursery at VDOF 

In The Grove at McIntire Park

Pruning on Berkmar Drive 


Ivy removal at Northeast Park 

Defending Trees from Aggressive Invaders

In recent weeks, Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards continued to battle invasive vines that threaten trees in our community. In historic Maplewood Cemetery on Lexington Avenue, our volunteers cut away thick bands of mature English ivy that had wound around a majestic Bur Oak-Post Oak hybrid—one of the Notable Trees recognized on our website. The oak is slated to be honored as a Landmark Tree on Arbor Day, April 30. CATS volunteers also tackled English ivy that had sent its tenacious tendrils up another Notable Tree, a White Walnut on East High Street. Mark Rylander, Robin Hanes, JoAnn Dalley, Toine Wyckoff and Pat Punch worked on these projects. Elsewhere in the city, a CATS team pursued an ongoing cleanup of vines and prickly multiflora rose on the grounds of Jackson-Via Elementary School. Elise Burroughs, Kathy Nepote, Allen Ingling, Robin Hanes and Toine Wyckoff joined forces in this latest round against the invaders.


A Fine Day for Pruning

Rain, ice and snow have forced the Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards to reschedule many projects in recent weeks, but February 23 dawned as a fine day for pruning trees along the John W. Warner Parkway. The cadre of seven CATS included Robin Hanes, Allen Ingling, Kathy Nepote, and Martha and Robert Orton, who worked on the flowering dogwoods around the Charlottesville Dogwood Vietnam Memorial. Meanwhile, Tim Maywalt and Barbara White worked on trees in the Parkway’s median.