Communications Committee

Committee Chair: Penny Kaiserlian
The Communications Committee meets as needed, usually quarterly

Purpose: Keep CATS members and the community informed of CATS activities.

  1. Establish and maintain the CATS website and Facebook page
  2. Promote CATS events and classes through media exposure
  3. Develop a mailing list of those interested in CATS and send regular mailings about public events
  4. Send regular mailings to CATS  members about volunteer opportunities, meetings, and items of interest
  5. Arrange table displays at local environmental events for public awareness
  6. Develop and maintain materials for public dissemination, such as flyers and brochures
  7. Maintain a collection of promotional and media clippings
  8. Maintain a roster of dues-paying members.
  9. Oversee the collection of volunteer hours
  10. Operate the lending library
  11. Maintain an inventory of printed materials such as brochures

Education Committee

Committee Chair: William Hamersky
(The Education Committee usually meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month for two hours, but in 2020 the schedule has been disrupted by the COVID-19 requirements)

Purpose: Recruit and train tree stewards; provide educational opportunities for the membership and public

  1. Design and implement Training Class content
  2. Choose and procure course materials
  3. Design, administer and grade the qualifying exam for the tree steward Training Class
  4. Maintain a record of class attendance
  5. Select speakers for monthly membership meetings
  6. Develop Tree Basics classes and Tree Walks for the public
  7. Maintain an inventory of educational materials and speaker gifts

Projects Committee

Committee Chair:  Kathy Nepote
(The Projects Committee usually meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month for two hours, but in 2020 the schedule has been disrupted by the COVID-19 requirements)

Purpose: Oversee CATS projects.

  1. Evaluate and approve project proposals according to guidelines for CATS projects
  2. Coordinate scheduling of projects and events with other organizations to ensure volunteer availability
  3. Support project leader for volunteer recruitment and participation on endorsed projects
  4. Maintain an inventory of CATS tools and equipment pertaining to CATS projects